Promotional event for the 2019 Boquete Jazz And Blues Festival at Finca Lerida

Despite cold weather and lots of rain, the turn out was great for the Finca Lerida promotional event for the 2019 Boquete Jazz And Blues Festival.  Set at the base of Volcán Barú, this relaxed hotel is surrounded by lush vegetation and the event took place  in an airy restaurant with a terrace, plus a cozy coffee shop and landscaped gardens.

Live music performed by John Carney-Díaz on guitar, Boquete’s Adams Reach Band and Mike Dennis on keyboards and vocals was a great hit with everyone as they danced, clapped or sang along!  Everyone had a terrific time as the musicians fell into a groove and put on a superb performance. The director of the Boquete Jazz And Blues Fetival, John Wolff, was present to give away some really fantastic prizes from t-shirts to prime tickets to the festival.  Thanks everyone!

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